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Amazing Discoveries

Stranger than Fiction!
From the Archives of J.R. Church

Who Is a Jew?  It’s in the Genes!
The devil would like to rid the Earth of the Chosen People. If he could just kill them, God’s plan would fail. Historians have pointed to the Europeans and said, “There are the Jews!” Others have declared the American Indians are the Jews. At the same time, books have been written about the Jews of Eastern Europe, claiming that they stem from the Khazars, an ancient tribe of Gentiles that lived near the Caspian Sea and converted to Judaism about A.D. 740.
But recent genetic evidence has proven the kinship of the Ashkenazis and the Sephardic Jews of Spain, with other Jewish communities around the world! It seems they all have a common gene – a genetic trait that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they all came from a single father.
A news article, published in the Daily Oklahoman, January 2, 1997, states: “Chromosomal studies have shown that rabbis around the world carry specific genetic traits that link them to a common ancestry. Test results suggest that their roots trace back to the priesthood of Aaron!”
The first sentence of the Reuters report was electrifying: “Scientists have shown the Jewish priesthood has been passed down the male line for thousands of years, supporting biblical accounts dating it back to the appointment of the first Israelite High Priest 3,300 years ago.”
The passage in the book of Revelation about twelve thousand “virgin” men from each tribe refers, not to unmarried men, but genetically pure men. Though the Twelve Tribes were lost for centuries, a simple DNA test can determine who is a Jew.

Shroud of Turin Names the Crucified Man
Modern scholars talk about the “man in the shroud” but seem reluctant to take the position that the crucified man is Jesus. But, Dr. Alan Whanger, of Duke University, developing a special technique using polarized lenses to study the shroud, has found the Greek letters for “Nazareth” apparently photographed into the fibers of the cloth!
The letters appear to be from the title board that was placed above Jesus’ head on the cross. The Latin term for this board is “titulus.” It seems that the sign was laid beside the left leg of our Savior at burial, and was under the shroud at the time the image was formed on the fibers of the shroud.
Dr. Whanger says, “Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, went to Jerusalem in the early fourth century to search for the Holy places. She reportedly found the tomb with objects in it, including the titulus with the words, ‘Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews’ in three languages – Hebrew, Greek and Latin. She divided the board, sending one to Constantinople, and taking the other to Rome where it presently resides in the ‘Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem.’ “
The wooden fragment is kept in a silver chest. It measures approximately 5.2 inches high by 9.2 inches wide. Its letters are gouged into the wood by some sort of stylus, and then filled with a still-discernible red paint. Amazingly, Dr. Whanger found that its letters match those found on the shroud. Now we know!
These are the facts…stranger than fiction!
This is just one of many soon to come
Amazing Discoveries
from the archives of J.R. Church!