Pastor Edwin Daka

Pastor Daka Church Hello my name is Edwin Daka and I am a Pastor of the New Covenant Church in Nakonde, Zambia.  I am married with 4 children-2 boys and 2 girls and very much enjoy reading, making friends and gardening  I was persuaded to write here and tell people about myself, family and Church in the hope that people would find it in their heart to pray for the church here, my life and my family. I am very confident that God will answer our prayers.

Let me tell you how I accepted Jesus to become my personal saviour and Lord in 1993. Before that, I used to go church regularly and used to sing in a choir group, but didn’t know The Lord. I would do whatever my heart told me to, because i was lost in my sins. But one day, I was in church on a sunday morning. The preacher spoke the word that convicted my heart of my sins. The Holy spirit convicted me of my sins in a manner that I would not resist. The conviction was so deep that I started sobbing while in Church. Immediately the church service was over, I rushed home and knelt down in my bedroom and confessed my sins to God. Consequently, I experienced a very big change within my heart. I felt very light within and there was so much joy in my heart.  From that moment, I noticed that the darkness had disappeared and my heart was full of light. Immediately, I began to distinguish right from evil. Two days later, the Holy Spirit persuaded me to go into the community to share the gospel with others and testify how God had saved and delivered my life from the hands of Satan and his demons. From that time on, i have been walking with the Lord.  God began to change my personal ambitions into His own. He started coimage (7)mmunicating to me what He wanted me to do for Him. He called me to serve him.


Just 8 months after my conversion, I received a prophetic word through a certain Christian brother, that God was calling me to serve Him and his people. It was strange to me because I had never expected such a message. Two weeks later, God spoke to a group of believers who were praying and fasting about my calling. They came and told me what God had told them. Still I would not accept because  I had never thought of becoming a Pastor. Just like Moses near the burning Shrub, Gideon, and Jeremiah gave excuses when God called them, I also gave a number of excuses. I considered myself not worthy, powerless, small as I am not huge. I told God to pick other people instead. But God insisted and subsequently told me that there is nothing in this world that will satisfy my life apart from serving Him. He further told me that I will never be successful in life until i choose to serve him. He commanded me to concentrate on feeding His sheep. He further spoke to me audibly one night that “IF YOU OBEY ME, I WILL BLESS YOU.” So I was convinced of His plans over my life and accepted the call.



Having heard what God7265245336_f9192b836b_m‘s plans were for my life, I committed my whole life to evangelism and witnessing for Jesus Christ. I planted the first church in 1997. I learnt many lessons through the process and God made me
grow spiritually. There were so many challenges. I faced persecutions and ridicule. I lost many friends because of what I committed myself to. Two years later, I went to Bible college where I was trained and awarded a Diploma in world missions-church planting. After two years of training, I planted another church. after 2 years, God spoke to me about starting another church in the place where I am today. The journey has been rough indeed. Finances have been a major challenge. We have been renting the classroom at the government school since 2005 until we managed to erect a small church building by God’s grace and mercy. However, lack of finances to accomplish what God has placed upon my heart is a major constraint. I am called into church planting, but lack of funds to accomplish the same have been a tremendous challenge. May I kindly appeal to you to pray with us and possibly give us financial assistance. If you can find us sponsors or ministry partners to help us advance God’s kingdom through church planting and missions would be highly appreciated. There may be some individuals or christian organisations with a passion for church planting and are very much willing to support us, please do not hesitate to give them my contact details at the bottom of this article. You will receive a reward from God by supporting the Great Commission undertaking in our rural villages through us.



Since then, I have planted 4 churches in different places, the fourth being where I am now. I am based in a village called Nakonde. Nakonde shares borders with Tanzania. I am 400m away from Tanzania and Zambian border. God spoke to me to come and plant the church here in 2005. He led me here and planted the church under very aggressive financial and material difficulties. It is a very poor village where there are no industries for the local residents to get employment. The land is not fertile for agriculture. People just grow food on a subsistence scale. Life generally is hard for most residents. It is a place where most people between the ages of 30 and above cannot read and write. This gives  a very big challenge in gospel presentation and preaching as people cannot read some Gospel tracts. However, the teenagers are slowly coming up in terms literacy levels. But the challenge is still huge. This is a place where most parents give out their girl children in marriage at the ages of 14, 16 and 17. They don’t encourage girl children to go to school.


Since most people are poor, ministry is a very big challenge, as people do not have most essential basic human needs. The poverty levels have cause many turn against God in trying to search for better living. But still the environment cannot allow.  Hence, those that get converted always look up to the church for support. Instead of their supporting the church, they are the one that expect the church to provide for their necessities. As a result, the church income is extremely poor. Since there is very poor income in the church, the church generally is financially handicapped. The church is really in need, and i would therefore humbly appeal to the Christians to pray for us as church and possibly give us what we need. Currently, the church membership 30. Of that number, only 2 are in employment, and are also struggling to have ends meet. We need the following things urgently:


  1. God to provide money for us to be able to plant new churches in villages where Christ has not been preached much.
  2. God to provide a vehicle to help us in missions and church planting.
  3. God to make this small church to grow numerically and spiritually.
  4. We need to purchase musical instruments for the church costing $1500.
  5. God to give us partners who would be able to help us financially either monthly or quarterly.




I survive under very rough conditions. I don’t get any allowance from the church as the church is small and has no money to give me at the month-end. I live under very poor conditions where i have so much needs. I don’t have good shelter, nice drinking water, money, car, and many basic human needs. The community where I am is generally poor and needy.  I am humbly appealing to anyone that may be willing to help me to come to my aid with the family. I have 4 children, the oldest being 12 years old. He is this year in the eighth grade. It is very difficult to pay for his school fees and other school requisites. Below are some of my needs that you help me with or pray with me for God’s intervention:

  1. I am financially handicapped. Pray that God gives me some money as capital to start my business.
  2. I have been cycling since i was born. i am now 45 years old, I have never owned a car. So I need a vehicle.
  3. Pray for me that God gives me wisdom and knowledge of leading the church.
  4. I need money for a Laptop so i can also appear modern.
  5.  I need money to build a house.
  6. I need money to buy land so that I can turn it into a business place, e.g. building some small structures to be used for camping e.t.c.



God bless you all. I will be very happy to hear from you.

Pastor Edwin Daka and the New Covenant Church please contact him directly here.


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